Social activities and events

Ukrainian event "Hero - Rescuer of the Year" is held by the SESU since 2003. A citizen, not just the professional rescuer, can also become a participant of the event, in case if during the rescue of people and property, fire suppression, disaster, emergency, he or she shows courage and heroism.

During the year the SESU detects such cases and determines the 10 nominees for the event. Participants, who win, are awarded with honors of “Hero-rescuer of the year”. The award is given to winners by the Head of The SESU at the solemn celebration of the Savior Day.

All-Ukrainian event “Hero – Rescuer of the Year” on  Facebook


Ukrainian Festival of Young firefighters’ Troops is conducted among school-aged children since 1994.

The festival attracts students to study the safety of life and their propaganda among the population, forms among children and young people skills of environmental conservation, reveals the creativity of children, educates the younger generation of civil and patriotic feelings.


International trade fair "Protection Technologies / FireTech" is held since 2002 and shows each year the achievements of domestic and foreign designers and manufacturers in the field of fire protection, and emergency safety, safety equipment and personal protective equipment.


The exhibition is visited by specialists from all over Ukraine: safety and environment engineers, capital construction and procurement officers of the rescue and fire departments, specialists in the fields of the design, manufacture and installation of security systems and early detection of the emergencies, civil defense forces, health and medical and biological protection, representatives of research and educational institutions.

International Forum is a major exhibition project in the field of fire safety, industrial health and safety, protection and rescue.

Location: Ukraine, Kyiv International Exhibition Centre, 15 Brovarsky Ave subway station "Livoberezhna".