Information about engagement of State Emergency Service units in settlements under fire from occupation forces

21.02.2022 09:08

During the past 24hrs, in the area of the Joint Forces Operation, the SES units have made 18 interventions to prevent emergencies, extinguish fires and eliminate other dangerous events, during which:

2 persons were rescued;

prompt response to 7 dangerous events was provided;

9 fires were extinguished (6 in Donetsk oblast, 3 in Luhansk oblast), firefighters prevented fire from destroying 2 buildings;

1.5 hectares of territory were inspected and 1 explosive device was disposed of;

the work of seven points of assistance to local population within the entry / exit checkpoints along the contact line was ensured, provided assistance to 4 persons.

As a result of shelling the settlements there were damaged:

Luhansk oblast - gas pipeline, solar panel and power lines.

Donetsk oblast - power lines and 16 residential buildings. 

For information:

Luhansk oblast

As a result of shelling the power lines and gas pipelines were damaged, namely: 
On February 20, during 07.00 – 10.00 hrs. the power lines were damaged in the area of ​​Karbonit industrial site in Zolote Town of Severodonetsk district, 5 settlements remained without electricity supply (3093 subscribers): Orikhove, Shypileve, Nyzhnie, Novotashkivka, Krymske villages. At 18,00hrs. the electricity supply was restored in the following settlements: Nyzhnie, Novotashkivka, Krymske (2850 subscribers). 5 persons and 2 vehicles of LLC "LEO" Lysychansk REM worked in the site. Repair works on restoring power supply in the villages of Orikhove and Shypileve will be conducted after the arrangement of the regime of silence and security guarantees. 

On February 20, at 18.00hrs. the power line VL 26 in the village of Stanytsia Luhanska was damaged (about 800 subscribers). Repair works on restoring electricity supply will be carried out after the arrangement of the regime of silence and security guarantees. 

On February 20, at 08.00hrs. as a result of the shelling there was damaged the solar panel on the roof of a residential building at Kvitkova Str., 38 in the village of Artema of Shchastia district.

On February 20, at 21.30hrs. as a result of the shelling there was damaged the sub-distribution overhead gas pipeline of medium pressure in the village of Lobachi of Shchastia district. Gas supply to 96 subscribers has been suspended. Repair works are scheduled for February 21, 2022.

There were neither victims nor injured reported.

Donetsk oblast

As a result of the shelling, 16 residential buildings in 3 settlements were damaged, namely: Novohnativka, Marinka and Zalizne. 

On February 20, at 19.20hrs. the units of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Donetsk oblast have deployed and ensured the operation of a population assistance point in Krasnohorivka Town in the secondary school №5, namely: 

provided electricity supply to the school building and the boiler house using a diesel power plant in order to provide heat supply (72 DPRCH 7 DPRZ Marinka Town);

8 cubic meters of water were delivered to the utility company in Marinka Town (37 DPRCH 6 DPRZ Sloviansk Town). 

In total, 4 personnel and 2 vehicles from the SESU have been engaged in the works.

There were neither victims nor injured reported.

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