Information about engagement of State Emergency Service units in settlements under fire from occupation forces

23.02.2022 10:42

The operational situation

During the past 24hrs, in the area of the Joint Forces Operation, the SES units have made 18 interventions to prevent emergencies, extinguish fires and eliminate other dangerous events, during which:

A person was rescued;

prompt response to 10 dangerous events was provided;

10 fires were extinguished among them 8 fires in Donetsk oblast and 2 in Luhansk Oblast, at the same time were prevented the destruction by fire of 3 buildings,

2.5 hectares of territory were inspected and 77 explosive devices were disposed of;

the work of seven points of assistance to local population within the entry / exit checkpoints along the contact line was ensured, provided assistance to 6 persons.


A fire of three transformers of the first stage (40 tons of oil in each) of Luhansk TPP in Shchastya town, Luhansk oblast at 12:38 hrs. as a result of the shelling. About 12 years. 12 vehicles and 40 personnel were involved from the SES. The forces and means of the SES were in Novoaydar town and Petrivka town at a safe distance due to the shelling. The extinguishing of fire were not conducted due to the lack of "silence" mode.

As of the elimination of the consequences of the shelling of the territory of Ukraine by the occupying forces 

Luhansk Oblast

At about 08:50hrs. as a result of shelling from the uncontrolled territory, were damaged the roof of a 5-storey residential building in the town of Shchastya, Donetska street.

At about 10:00hrs. as a result of shelling from the uncontrolled territory, were damaged the private living house in the town of Shchastya, Gagarina street.

At about 11:00hrs. as a result of shelling from the uncontrolled territory, were damaged 4 private living houses in Trokhizbenka village of Shchastya district, Mury street.

At 19:10hrs.   were received a report of a fire in a living house as a result of shelling in the Muratove village. Upon arrival, it was found that the outbuilding was burning (garage, summer kitchen) on an area of 300 m2, the windows of the apartment building were broken.

At 20:33hrs. the fire were localized. At 21:20hrs. the fire were extinguished. There were neither victims no injured reported.

Donetsk Oblast

At 08:30hrs. 4 personnel and 1 vehicle of the SES of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast were engaged in the restoration work of a damaged living house in Zalizne town, Bakhmut district, Chekhova street.

About 15:18hrs. restoration work were performed.

At 11:56hrs. employees of JSC DTEK Donetsk Electric Networks accompanied by pyrotechnic calculation of 5 personnel and

2 vehicles of the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast, restored overhead power line 110 kV of "Kurakhivska TPP - Smolyanka - 2" and restored the power supply of Krasnohorivka town (7000 persons).

As of 17:35hrs. as a result of repeated shelling, the town of Krasnohorivka in the Pokrovsky district (7000 people) was cut off.

At 17:35hrs. from the Head of the Sartan WCA the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in the Donetsk oblast received information about a fire in a private house in the village Vodyane of Mariupol district, which is located in close proximity to the "line of contact". No one was killed or injured. Due to the lack of security guarantees, SES personnel were not involved. 

 During February 22, as a result of military activities were cut off 5 settlements (town of Krasnohorivka, Pokrovsky district, village of Novoluhanske (partially) of Bakhmut district, village of Novoselivka tretya, Troitske village of Pokrovsk district and village of Staromaryivka of Volnovakha district).

As of 16:20hrs. electricity and gas supply were restored, as well as the operation of the boiler and sewage pumping station. There are currently no violations in the life support systems of the settlement.

At 19:15hrs. the Main Department of the SES of Ukraine in the Donetsk oblast received information that as a result of military activities in the town of Marinka, Pokrovsk district, on the street Paryzka, 34, were wounded man, born in 1972 Preliminary diagnosis: shrapnel wounds to the shoulder and hand of the left hand. The victim was hospitalized in the trauma department of the Kurakhiv City Hospital, his condition is satisfactory.

As of 1640hrs. the point of providing assistance to the population, which was deployed and operated in Krasnohorivka on the basis of the secondary school №5, completed functioning.

At 19:25hrs.  The Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk Oblast in Krasnohorivka, Pokrovsk district, has deployed and ensured the operation center for the population assistance on the basis of the secondary school № 5. Electricity is also provided to the boiler house. Since the beginning of the work, 190 people have applied to the aid point.

Rescuers are on duty at the scene, a diesel power plant is involved.

Disconnection from the power supply due to the shelling as of 06:30hrs. of February 23, 2022. Troitske village (partially), Viskryva village (partially), Novozvanivka village (partially) in total of 474 subscribers were disconnected. Orikhove village (completely) Shypilove (partially) in total 243 subscribers were disconnected. village St. Aidar (completely) Peredilske village (completely) Geivka village (completely) Raigorodka village (completely) Olkhove village (completely) 1867 subscribers were left without electricity suplly, Vrubivka village (partially) disconnected 177 subscribers. Disconnection from gas supply due to shelling in the village of Lobacheve (partially) 55 subscribers without gas supply. Vrubivka town (partially). Without gas supply 166 subscribers Disconnection from heat supply due to shelling in the town of Shchastya (completely). In total 4150 subscribers are disconnected.


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