Luhansk oblast: transformer caught fire due to TPP shelling (updated)

22.02.2022 20:34

On February 22, at 12:34 in town Shchastia, as a result of shelling from a temporarily uncontrolled area, a projectile hit a transformer on the territory of the TPP, followed by ignition, oil spill and transfer of fire to a neighboring transformer.

12 vehicles were sent to extinguish the fire of transformers, which was concentrated on the entrance to the town of Shchastia until the cessation of shelling.

As of 6:30 p.m., due to the lack of a "silent" regime, security guarantees and constant shelling, a decision was made to return the units to their locations. According to the Chief Engineer of Luhansk TPP, three transformers of the 2nd stage have been broken, there is a hit in the main switchboard device, in the engine room. 40 LuTPP workers are in storage.

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