Official information of the State Emergency Service on the emergency situation related to the plane crash in the Kyiv region

18.01.2023 14:00

On January 18 at 08:20hrs, as a result of the of the SESU ES-225 helicopter (flight number 54) crash in Brovary city of Kyiv region, the building of a preschool educational institution was damaged with subsequent fire, glazing in a fourteen-story residential building and 3 cars got broken. At 09:06hrs the fire in the building was contained on an area of 500 sq. m., and at 09:28 hrs it was extinguished.

On board there were 9 persons: 6 members of the operational group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as 3 members of the crew of the State Emergency Service.

As of 12.30 hrs, as a result of the emergency situation, 16 persons, including 3 children, have died.

30 persons were injured (12 children), who were hospitalized (information is being clarified).

127 personnel and 30 vehicles from the SES have been engaged in the elimination of the consequences of the emergency. Psychologists of the SES are working at the scene.

As of 15:00hrs, according to updated information after the identification of bodies, 14 dead people were identified, including 1 child and 9 persons, who were on board. 25 persons were injured (including 11 children) and hospitalized (information is being clarified).

Psychologists of the SES provided assistance to 51 persons.65 personnel and 12 vehicles from the SES are engaged, including cynological crew and 3 rescue departments of the Rapid Response Mobile Rescue Center.

The MOG of the State Emergency Service is working at the emergencye site.

As of 3:30 p.m., search and rescue operations have been completed.

Additionally: the SES helicopter ES-225 (flight number 54) was repeatedly engaged in the tasks for the transportation of the personnel to the  emergency situations sites.  Among the aircrafts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, this board was most often used, given the ability to simultaneously transport a sufficient number of people. The crew of the helicopter was trained to perform tasks under difficult conditions, had the required number of hours of flight time on the EU-225 helicopters.The Mobile Operational Group of the State Emergency Service is working at the site of the emergency.

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