Operational information on the work of the SESU pyrotechnic units

16.01.2024 07:03

During the recent 24 hours, the pyrotechnic units of the SESU were engaged for 52 times, 98 pieces of explosive ordnance were detected (including 1 air bomb), removed and disposed. The territory with an area of 51,09 hectares was surveyed.

Most often, pyrotechnic units were deployed in: Kharkiv Oblast – 26,533 times, Kyiv Oblast – 9,520 times, Donetsk Oblast – 10,012 times, Mykolaiv Oblast – 6,880 times, Kherson Oblast – 10,281 times, Chernihiv Oblast – 5,159 times, Sumy Oblast – 2,967 times, Cherkasy Oblast – 1,748 times.

In total, since the beginning of the large-scale military invasion of the russian federation in the territory of Ukraine 466,992 pieces of explosive ordnance and 2,892 kg of explosives, including 3,153 air bombs, have been disposed. The territory with an area of about 114,281 hectares has been surveyed.

In case of detection of a suspicious object or explosives, immediately call 101.

For more detailed information, follow the link: https://dsns.gov.ua/uk/protiminna-diyalnist

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