Search and rescue operations in the city of Dnipro at the site of the missile strike have been completed

17.01.2023 13:00

On January 14, in the city of Dnipro, as a result of a rocket attack, a nine-story residential building was hit, with subsequent destruction from the 9th to the 2nd floor.
39 people were saved (including 6 children), 44 people died, including 5 children, 79 people were injured (including 16 children), 47 reports of missing persons were received (of which 23 people were found dead, 4 people were found alive.

22 tents were set up for heating and feeding the victims, issuing clothes and basic necessities, as well as ensuring the work of management bodies (State Emergency Service - 7, National Police - 4, National Guard - 1, Dnipro City Council - 3 and volunteer organizations - 7). Psychologists of the State Emergency Service provided assistance to 186 victims. Search and rescue operations and dismantling of dangerous structural elements are ongoing. Communal services removed more than 9,000 tons of construction debris and 41 damaged cars.

A total of 427 personnel and 46 vehicles were involved in the works. among them: from the State Emergency Service 67 personnel and 20 vehicles, National Police 75 personnel and 10 vehicles, National Guard 100 personnel and 2 vehicles, Armed Forces 6 personnel and 1 vehicle, emergency medical assistance 2 persons and a vehicle, communal services 32 personnel and 12 vehicles about 130 volunteers and 15 people from the Red Cross Society.

At 13:00hrs. January 17, search and rescue operations in the city of Dnipro at the site of the rocket attack were completed.


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