The final stage of the exercise as part of the international cooperation took place in Tulcea County, Romania

27.01.2022 18:32

Sharing experience, close relations, common interests, rapid response - a solid foundation of international cooperation, which in turn ensures the most effective performance of duties in the field of people rescue and providing assistance in case of any emergency.

It should be reminded that yesterday, the representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odesa oblast conducted the tactical exercise in Izmail Town according to several different scenarios and under the special project such as SOFT as well as under the priority “Support for joint measures to prevent natural and man-made disasters. Support for Joint Emergency Response” entitled "JERAD - Joint Emergency Response Around the Danube”, which involved more than a hundred rescuers and two dozen special emergency rescue vehicle.

Today, our colleagues demonstrated their master class according to a similar program, but already on their territory, in the county of Tulcea, Romania.

Representatives of the Ukrainian part had the opportunity to attend exercise in the neighboring country.

We hope that joint projects will be continued.


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