Vinnytsia oblast: rescuers received humanitarian aid from neighboring countries

04.02.2022 17:50

On February 4, in the village of Lityn, on the territory of the 7th State Fire and Rescue Unit, SES fighters received another tranche of humanitarian aid worth more than half a million hryvnias.

As of today, 120 fire and rescue belts with safety belts and 88 units of special protective clothing will be handed over not only to the Vinnytsia garrison, but also to two teams of "Volunteer Firefighters" of Lityn village territorial community and state institution "Lityn Correctional Colony" (№123).

Modern equipment and combat clothing arrived in Vinnytsia from Poland, thanks to partnerships and 15 years of cooperation between the Lityn community and the city of Wolsztyn.

The latter, this time, acted as a coordinator and facilitated the transfer of humanitarian aid from the city of Lubben (Germany) to firefighters. It is worth noting that since the signing of the cooperation agreement between the twin cities, Vinnytsia rescuers have received humanitarian aid for the fifth time. Among the property received was not only equipment, but also two fire trucks, which are currently on combat duty in volunteer units of firefighters.


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