Luhansk oblast: MPs and government officials came to the contact line as the situation worsens

19.02.2022 20:26

In the recent several days the situation in the East of Ukraine is getting worse. Due to shelling from hybrid force in the morning of February 17 some infrastructure was damaged as well as a kindergarten in Stanitsia Luhanska, three persons were injured. That is why the MPs and government offiicials came to the contact line in Stanitsia Luhanska.

The Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Ms. Iryna Vereschuk visited the kindergarten that was shelled by the illegal armed formations of Russian Federation, and then she had a round of communication with local people.

Same day, a conference was organized in the premises of Administrative Services Center with involvement of the Minister of Reintegration, local authorities of Luhansk oblast, representatives from Border Service, Nanational Police, SES and journalists. During the meeting potential evacuation, infrastructure readiness to accomodate people from temporarily uncontrolled ares and recent blatant violations of Minsk Agreements by the Russian forces wered discussed.


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